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1r 2r 3r 4r penthouse commerce storeroom parking slot
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House: 2,1,3,4 2 House 1 House 3 House 4 House
Section: All 4 section (2H) 2 section (2H) 3 section (2H) 1 section (2H) 5 section (2H) 3 section (1H) 1 section (1H) 2 section (1H) 4 section (1H) 1 section (3H) 3 section (3H) 2 section (3H) 1 section (4H) 2 section (4H)
Additional options

Additional options

south view terrace wardrobe вікна на вул.коновальця east view loggia west view storeroom вікна на вул.коновальцям front entrance apartment 50 sq.m. apartment 70 sq.m. apartment 100 sq.m. apartment 120 sq.m. apartment 150 sq.m. apartment 180 sq.m. apartment on the 1st floor apartment on the 2nd floor apartment on the 4th floor

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